Tuesday, November 30, 2010

10 Unnecessary Sources of Stress

Been feeling an incredible amount of stress lately? It’s possible that most of the things you’re concerned about are things you don’t even have to worry about at all!

1. A cluttered environment is one of the main sources of stress. Make it a point to keep things in order so you wouldn't have to keep on forgetting about where you placed your stuff!

2. Stop worrying about your lines! Getting older is a process we all go through and can’t stop. Freaking out every time you see even the tiniest hint of an age line will only help them multiply. Focus on finding ways to feel fab no matter what age you are!

3. Laugh if you want to, cry if you want to, scream if you want to. Never let what other people (might) think stop you from expressing yourself or doing things you feel you need to do.

4. Don’t worry about your weight if you don’t have to. People who go on unnecessary diets deprive themselves of everything good - food, company, and a great mood.

5. Don’t make a habit out of lying. The more of them you tell, the more tangled the web you weave will be;  until you can no longer extricate yourself from it unharmed.

6. Many women suffer from poor time management. Instead of spending hours agonizing over what to do next; because there’s just too much on your plate, take half an hour to an hour to organize the things you need to do throughout the day.

7. Low self-esteem makes it easy for us to give up on things because it tells us we can’t do anything before even trying. Build your confidence by doing one thing you thought you could never accomplish in a day!

8. Most of us have the awful habit of prolonging the inevitable. We know we’re going to have to face the music eventually, but we continue to find ways to put things off until we absolutely no longer can. Deal with it now and get it over with!

9. Prolonged arguments can be a large source of stress, especially if they involve people you love. De-stress by making sure you smooth things out as soon as possible.

10. Yes, the world could end tomorrow, hell could freeze over, and the wonderful life you’ve spent years building could come to end—-but who’s to say it’s happening for sure? Stop anticipating the worst before it even happens! Just enjoy life and live it one day at a time.

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