Friday, November 6, 2009

Lessons in life learned while playing Bejeweled Deluxe 2

Most people do their thinking while in the shower. Mine's the opposite. Realizations come into my mind while I'm already pre-occupied doing something.

The following comparisons about being an employee vs being an Entrepreneur occured into my mind while I was busy trying out the Classic and Action (Timed) version of Bejeweled Deluxe 2:

(This one for me, represents the world of the employment)

1) This game starts at a very low score compared to the timed version

realization: Usually, a newly graduate or newly employed person starts out at the bottom and works his/her way up the corporate ladder.

2) To get advance into the game; you need to proceed to the next level

realization: In job, you have to be promoted in order to climb into the corporate ladder.

3) Bonus points is good but is still small in amount

realization: You received bonuses and benefits while working in a company but, it's still minimal compared to the rewards you will get if, you become successful in enterprising.

4) Since this is an untimed version, you can hang on while playing without necessarily pressing the "pause" button

realization: you can put some work on hold if you are already stressed out; specially if the deadline for that work is still far.

5) Hypercube (this is a unique gem in the game which when use properly to swap with another gem can help you eliminate all of the same type of gems)

realization: This is pure luck...a once in a lifetime chance or opportunity that elevates your career to it's highest level.

6) No More moves sign / Loose turn

realization: for me, this represents employee burn out and more often than not, signifies the dead end or stagnation of your career....time for you to try new things out.

(This one for me represents the world of Entrepreneurship)

1) The starting score is relatively high compared to the classic version

realization: In the world of Entrepreneurship, the stakes or risk are often high, especially when you are starting out; yet the results vary depending on your effort to make the most out of it.

2) Since this is a timed version, you will have to press the "pause" button to put the game on hold

realization: If the marketing strategy that you have is not working properly; you have to put everything in halt, to come up with a better plan to increase your revenue. Otherwise you will be beaten by the competition if you remain stagnant. This also means that you have to think and act fast to seize up every opportunity for innovation; or else your competitor might outwitted you.

3) Bonus points is high and strategies to improve your score are plenty

realization: In the world of enterprising, once you have mastered the game, boundless opportunities manifest in front of you to help you improve your earning potential.

4) As you advance into the next level; you also advance into the finish line

realization: In the world of entrepreneurship; as you advance into the next level, you are also meet up with new challenges and excitement as you watch your business and efforts being recognized and your profits going up.

5) Hypercube (this is a unique gem in the game which when used properly to swap with another gem can help you eliminate all of the same type of gems.)

realization: This is a once in a blue moon contract or opportunity that makes your business known and sets you apart from the competition; a certain kind of trade mark that only you can possess.

6) Time Bar gets thinner and shorter as you don't make a move / Time Bar gets thicker and longer everytime you make a move

realization: as you take more challenges (through innovations) and calculated risks; your business has a high chance of staying afloat; but when you stay in the routinary path; you face stagnation.

7) No more moves / Time is Up

realization: It means that you have already reached the peak of your business and it can either face stagnation (if you don't innovate) or a new beginning (if you are up to the next challenge).

so there you go...take your pick as to which path would you like to try out (mine's Entrepreneurship in the future).