Tuesday, November 30, 2010

10 Unnecessary Sources of Stress

Been feeling an incredible amount of stress lately? It’s possible that most of the things you’re concerned about are things you don’t even have to worry about at all!

1. A cluttered environment is one of the main sources of stress. Make it a point to keep things in order so you wouldn't have to keep on forgetting about where you placed your stuff!

2. Stop worrying about your lines! Getting older is a process we all go through and can’t stop. Freaking out every time you see even the tiniest hint of an age line will only help them multiply. Focus on finding ways to feel fab no matter what age you are!

3. Laugh if you want to, cry if you want to, scream if you want to. Never let what other people (might) think stop you from expressing yourself or doing things you feel you need to do.

4. Don’t worry about your weight if you don’t have to. People who go on unnecessary diets deprive themselves of everything good - food, company, and a great mood.

5. Don’t make a habit out of lying. The more of them you tell, the more tangled the web you weave will be;  until you can no longer extricate yourself from it unharmed.

6. Many women suffer from poor time management. Instead of spending hours agonizing over what to do next; because there’s just too much on your plate, take half an hour to an hour to organize the things you need to do throughout the day.

7. Low self-esteem makes it easy for us to give up on things because it tells us we can’t do anything before even trying. Build your confidence by doing one thing you thought you could never accomplish in a day!

8. Most of us have the awful habit of prolonging the inevitable. We know we’re going to have to face the music eventually, but we continue to find ways to put things off until we absolutely no longer can. Deal with it now and get it over with!

9. Prolonged arguments can be a large source of stress, especially if they involve people you love. De-stress by making sure you smooth things out as soon as possible.

10. Yes, the world could end tomorrow, hell could freeze over, and the wonderful life you’ve spent years building could come to end—-but who’s to say it’s happening for sure? Stop anticipating the worst before it even happens! Just enjoy life and live it one day at a time.

Monday, November 29, 2010

10 Toxic People to Avoid

Feel as if you’re surrounded by negative vibes?

Maybe it’s because you keep hanging out with the wrong people. Keep your mood up by avoiding these 10 types of people:

1. The Judgmental – These are people incapable of accepting opinions counter to theirs, who have a default bias on everything. If you can’t deal with them, don’t bother; they’ll rarely see it anyone else’s way.

2. The Parasite – They’re clingy types who prey and become dependent on their unsuspecting victims. The only way to deal with parasites is to either teach them how to stand on their own or to avoid them altogether!

3. The Know-It-All – A know-it-all is someone who knows a lot of things and loves rubbing it in everyone’s face, or someone who professes to know a lot of things but actually knows very little. Know-it-alls exude a certain kind of authority and arrogance that can easily deceive people, so be careful not to get fooled!

4. The Dementor - These ghostly creatures from the Harry Potter series suck the life and happiness out of a person. In our world, you’ll always feel tired and spent when you’re around a “Dementor." They can’t help but bring negativity wherever they go, so keep happy by steering clear of these mood downers!

5. The Killjoy – Every time you come up with a bright idea, the Killjoy is ready to shoot it down. They’ll counter you, pull you down, and ultimately ruin your mood. What you can do is block them out: don’t let them keep you from doing the things you want to do.

6. The Rude - These people have no boundaries and don’t respect your feelings and privacy. They have a weak sense of propriety and do things in the most improper ways at the most inappropriate times. Luckily, these types are easy to recognize and therefore, avoid!

7. The Puppet-Master – These master manipulators can easily bend you to their will. They know what strings to pull to get you to do their bidding without you even knowing it. The best thing you can do is to be wary of these people and refuse to allow yourself to be used.

8. The User-Friendly – These fair-weather friends seem to appear only when they need something and disappear just as quickly when they’ve gotten what they wanted. They don’t know how to give but are great at taking, which is especially bad for people who have a hard time saying “no."

9. The Plastic – You can never really tell if they’re being sincere. These people are kind to your face but can’t wait to zing you once you’ve got your back turned. There’s no surefire way to spot a Plastic, but what goes around comes around, and they’ll get their karma in one way or another.

10. The Traitor – These people may seem like your friends, but they’re really waiting for the perfect moment to pull the rug from under your feet. As much as you might trust them, love them, and have already spent years and years cultivating your friendship, these people are more than capable of selling you out in a second! If there’s anything you can do to protect yourself, it’s to be careful. Think before revealing certain things about yourself to others—they can’t fire at you if you don’t give them any ammunition.