Monday, March 29, 2010

The Great Avon Experience's almost 4 months since I last wrote an entry my followers, forgive me for being in this entry, I'll explain the reasons why I wasn't able to update this blog of mine during those months....

Last week of  November last year, my older sister recruited us (my sisters, cousins, some of her friends and others) to be her agents in Avon...because of this, she was promoted to the position of a Manager.

Hubby was hesitant at first...he told me that I might be pushed to my limits just to sold their products. I, on the other hand, was thinking that this could be a sign from heaven that my long time dream of having a business of my own might get started.

While being interviewed before becoming one of their Sales Agent, the interviewer ask me the reason why I wanted to join their Direct Selling Team. I told her that I wanted to gain financial freedom and to have a flexible time by means of pursuing my own business.

I'll tell you that it was actually kind of hard on my part to ask someone to buy the products I'm selling...there's no problem with the quality or price of the product I'm selling; It's just that I'm too shy to sell things...

But since we have a sales quota to meet every month and I really wanted my older sister to succeed...I learned to be an outgoing, friendly and approachable person. Not only that, I also became patient and somehow had slowly but surely unravel the joy of listening.

I learned that it's important to sell these products but it's more important to listen to their concerns, opinions and suggestions. I also noticed that selling is good but getting their payment is more important (Avon Products are sometimes sold in installment basis after delivery of product to the customers).

I also observed that most of the Top Selling Agents of Avon are humble...unlike in the Corporate World wherein you see the Boss or Superiors wearing good clothes (since they are required to) that sometimes dictates the kind of salary they are receiving...this top selling avon agents are no'll see them wearing jeans and sometimes homey clothes...they would wear accessories but most of them are avon products...they promote the products they are selling by wearing or using it themselves.

Their bank accounts are bursting with money from the products they have sold yet you won't see it in the way they project themselves to the world. Sometimes, they are often treated just like a commoner...yet they'll surprise you in Every month's meeting by the announcements that they are among the top sellers.

They serve as an inspiration by living a simple life, humbly leading and providing you with techniques and insights...they are an epitome of a good citizen who uses his / her potential well to help others and glorify GOD for the talents and skills he gave them.

Well...reading this entry, I must say that it's true...I really am proud to be an Avon Sales Agent!